Easy to use interfaceCreating and delivering email campaigns to your customers doesn't have to be time consuming, expensive or confusing! We-Send-It.com have created a process that's simple to follow, requires no expert knowledge and can be plugged directly in to your existing website in a matter of minutes.

Our unique pricing model means that you never pay any monthly or hidden fees, you only pay when you're sending a campaign or newsletter, whether it be once a year or once a week!

For both businesses and affiliates alike, timing of a newsletter can be one of the most important factors. Our system allows you to schedule a newsletter for delivery at another time. This way you can build your campaigns in advance, schedule them for delivery and disappear on holiday!

For those that already have a distribution list, as long as you agree and confirm acceptance of our antispam policy, you can import your existing lists. Imports over 3000 will need to verified which is done by completing a short form explaining where, when and how you obtained your subscribers.